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An exit plan is needed to position your company to look attractive to buyers thereby maximizing its value and increasing the return to you, the owner.

A typical exit plan should start years before the actual sale and can be accomplished in many ways. What you want out of it in the end will dictate what you need to do to get there and there are a variety of exit and succession plan strategies depending on your situation.

A properly created and executed exit plan, succession plan, or legacy plan provides peace of mind. Whether you are looking to sell the business to your management team, sell to your children, put in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), gift the business to charity, or sell your business to an outside party, Cogent offers powerful solutions to achieve your goals.

We stay committed and dedicated to provide Business Owners the knowledge and experience to help improve their business. Please utilize our list of resources including: Blogs, Articles, and Case Studies focusing on successfully planning to exit your business.