Business Consulting for Wholesale/Distributors


Prepare for Growth

At Cogent Analytics, our business advisors know that wholesalers-distributors are the backbone of the business community. We can help you take advantage of industry opportunities while limiting risk.

Specific Situation

By working with our clients, we have found that wholesalers and distributors tend to have similar questions. At Cogent, we typically hear these questions from our clients:

  • How can I increase inventory control and decrease miss-picks/miss-ships? We provide best practices and metrics for scheduling, labor costs, inventory management/turns, JIT, shrinkage, transportation/shipping, min/max levels, slow moving obsolete and POS systems.
  • How do I make more money? At Cogent, we train people to effectively manage by understanding ERP systems, job costing, accounts receivables’ controls, profit, margins, budgets, financials and cash flow.
  • How can I increase sales, find customers, and bid better? From a sales perspective, we offer go-to market strategies to improve revenue through diversification, improved bidding, better customer service, forecasting, gaining market share and product mix.
  • How do I find and keep good sales people? We put processes in place to find and keep sales people by addressing employee performance, creating a sales recruiting/training program, developing leadership and improving the company’s incentives/compensation structure.

Frequent Services for Wholesalers and Distributors

  • Engineering budgeting, expense control, and job costing
  • Implementing best practices for product mix offerings, efficiency processes, and auditing principles
  • Optimizing sales and sales planning to generate new business
  • Streamlining operations through performance metrics, monitoring and reporting
  • Developing recruiting, hiring and retention processes
  • Providing training for relationship management within the supply chain
  • Delivering value added solutions for commodity and technically advanced applications
  • Systematizing inventory control to increase sales and turn & earn

Create Controls for Your Business

At Cogent we know successful wholesalers-distributors have learned how to manage employees, clients, time, resources and sales. Our value-based company can help you grow. Fill out the contact form and a Cogent representative will be in touch.

Interested in how we have helped other wholesalers/distributors? Watch these client testimonials

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