Business Consulting for Contractors


Watchwords with Realistic Optimism

At Cogent Analytics, our optimism for the success of your business is tempered with realistic expectations, practical knowledge, and experience. We live in the real world, and our culture is value based. We provide powerful solutions to all types and sizes of contractors – construction management (i.e., infrastructure, public, private), performing contractors (i.e., HVAC, plumbing, electrical) and professional services (i.e., architectural, engineering).

Your Unique Situation

Cogent knows every contracting company is different. Our contracting clients generally need similar insights relating to the following questions:

  • How can I increase productivity, decrease rework and keep projects on time? From an operations perspective, we provide best practices for productivity, quality concerns, on-time completion, calculating and managing labor costs, regulatory issues and certification.
  • How do I make more money? At Cogent, we train businesses to effectively manage by understanding job costing, how to control account receivables, profit margins, budgets, financials, and cash flow.
  • How can I increase sales, find customers and bid/estimate better? With sales in mind, we have go-to market strategies to improve revenue generation through business development, accurate estimating and bidding methods, recognizing the difference between negotiated work vs. bid work, sales incentives and marketing.
  • How do I find good, skilled employees and subs? We put HR processes in place to relieve the stress of supervising people by addressing employee performance (i.e., legal, contracts, problems, termination), showing how to find and retain good subs/employees, leadership development and improving the company’s culture.

Frequent Services for Contractors

  • Implementing job costing procedures
  • Streamlining budgeting and getting control of cash flow
  • Engineering profit
  • Hiring/retention plans
  • Project management principles
  • Estimating best practices
  • Shaping company culture
  • Developing scheduling and pricing initiatives

How can we assist you and your business?

Overwhelmingly, what our business analysts hear from contractors is – you want to work on your business, not just in it. Fill out the contact form on this page and a Cogent representative will be in touch with you. Cogent’s mission is to focus on your business’s particular requirements.

Interested in how we have helped other contractors? Watch these client testimonials

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