The COGENT Difference

A Passion for Positive Change and Improvement

At Cogent Analytics, LLC, we have an abiding passion to place your business needs first and build long-term sustainable relationships. Our success is your success. Our business sensibility and knowledge are unrivaled. We originate from the businesses we serve, so we’re able to offer deep experience across almost all major industries.

Since its inception in 2005, Cogent Analytics has been focused on client-centric innovation; constantly searching for new and different ways to solve client problems and build stronger businesses. That culture continues to thrive, permeating the company from the top down and setting it apart from competitors focused solely on their own bottom-line and costly repetitive back-office processes that have no long-term value.

Because our culture is value based, you are assured of the highest ethical standards of integrity, transparency and corporate governance. Our tightly integrated offerings are tailored to each client’s requirements and span the service spectrum – from Business Leadership and Management through Operational, Procedural and Reporting Systems to Sales Performance Training, to Strategic Tax Planning and Wealth Enhancement Outsourcing.

Increase Efficiency and Performance

Business Owners are continually asked this question, “What can be done to increase efficiency and performance? For the most part, they look at the current state of their operations and processes to understand what else can be done. Process transformation may be the path. Understanding the path to take, the technology and organizational changes required, and a method to measure progress against the journey becomes critical.

We help in the analysis and redesign of business processes and systems to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. Our holistic approach helps identify process and systems inefficiencies and underlying causes, and it charts a people-process-systems roadmap for performance improvement.

Uncovering Missed Opportunities
Creating New Ones

Strategic Planning

Every business requires a defined roadmap to achieve goals and maximize potential.

Business Leadership

Are you a task driven owner or do you manage the systems around you?

Profit Engineering

Profit is not a residual, it must be well defined throughout the business processes.

Sales Performance

Business Development is the key to thriving in a competitive market.


Recruiting, retention, development and architecting the right team.

Procedural Systems

Facilitates consistency in the quality and integrity of a product or end-result.

Tax Minimization

If Strategic Tax Planning works for big companies why doesn’t it work for you?

Exit Planning

Treat your business as the greatest Asset in your portfolio.

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