Integrity and Transparency

Business owners continually ask, “How can I increase production?” and “How can I improve sales?” The answers are quite simple. Look at the businesses operational inefficiencies and business performance. But how? At Cogent Analytics, we deliver powerful solutions to transform your business. First, we review your current situation through the discovery process to identify areas of improvement. Next, we advise and implement necessary changes through business management consulting. While working with a client, we build a lifecycle relationship necessary to maintain the long-term, continuous health of your company.

With integrity and transparency paramount, we work on behalf of privately held business owners. At Cogent, we care about the enhancement and sustainability of Main Street business.

Delivering Powerful Solutions Transforming Businesses

Strategic Planning

Every business requires a defined roadmap to achieve goals and maximize potential.

Profit Engineering

Profit is not a residual, it must be well defined throughout the business processes.

Sales Performance Improvement

Business Development is the key to thriving in a competitive market.

Exit & Succession Planning

Treat your business as the greatest Asset in your portfolio.

Business Leadership

Are you a task driven owner or do you manage the systems around you?

Organizational Engineering

Recruiting, retention, development and architecting the right time.

Procedural Systems

Facilitates consistency in the quality and integrity of a product or end-result.

Reporting Systems

Measure and Manage Today.

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  • 23Jan

    Objective Zero

    Cogent Analytics, through the Cogent Cares initiative has teamed with Objective Zero to help bring the nation’s veteran suicide rate

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  • 04Jan

    Do Not Lose Focus on Sales - Ever

    You are in business to first, last and always sell something. This is such a basic tenet of business it deserves a “duh” and head slap. And yet, it is amazing how many business owners do not follow this primary principle.

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  • 27Dec

    MDM and How BOMS Can Blow Up Your Clients & Customers!

    If you have ever worked in manufacturing or any logistical capacity that supports manufacturing; then you have worked with the Bill of Materials. BOMs are the core of your logistical master data. An inaccurate BOM can discredit existing or future manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning or Business Process Management Systems

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