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Now is the Time for Opportunity

At Cogent Analytics, our business management consultants know the difficulties manufacturers and shops face – whether daily or annually. But, we also understand the opportunities for growth within those difficulties. Our powerful solutions are geared toward putting systems in place, which give you the resources to successfully increase throughput, capacity, and efficiency.

We work with all types and all sizes of manufacturers (i.e., injection/rotational/blow molding, raw materials, parts production) and shops (i.e., precision, job, machine).

Overcoming Challenges

We have found that manufacturing and shop business owners have similar concerns. Though each business is unique, here are some of the common recommendations.

  • How can I keep production runs on schedule? From a production perspective, there are several best practices and metrics for ensuring QA/QC (scrap, waste, rework, warranty), inventory control, scheduling (capacity, hot orders, shift work, on-time completion), calculating and managing labor costs, regulatory compliance and certification.
  • How do I make more money? We train leaders in proper job costing, account receivable practices, budgeting, and cash flow management so that the company has the best financial position.
  • How can I increase sales, find customers and bid/estimate better? These concerns directly speak to your business’ business development process. At Cogent we use go-to marketing strategies to help you improve revenue generation, how you bid projects, and how you train your staff.
  • How do I find good workers and how do I train the ones I currently have? At Cogent, we put processes in place to relieve the stress of supervising people by addressing employee performance (i.e., legal, problems, job descriptions, termination), showing how to find and retain good employees, leadership development and improving the company’s culture.
  • How can I get my purchasing under control and reduce costs? With purchasing in mind, we give you a competitive advantage by creating controls for OEM suppliers, vendor and supply chain management, tiered pricing and raw material procurement.

Frequent Services for Manufacturers and Shops

  • Streamlining budgeting and getting control of cash flow
  • Implementing best practices for lean management, speed to market and just in time (JIT)
  • Systematizing production performance metrics, monitoring, and reporting
  • Engineering profit, expense control, and job costing
  • Creating programs for facility management and machine maintenance
  • Executing an operating infrastructure

Partner with Cogent

Fill out the contact form, and we will call you with answers to your specific questions. Cogent Analytics’ mission is to focus on your business’s customized requirements.

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