This varies from client to client, as discussed in "How can you help my company?". Should we decide that training is needed, we will put together a specialized training plan that fulfills your needs and present it to you.   Given that we are a value based company and operate with the highest degree of ethics and integrity, we feel it very important that the tools and training we provide to our clients are followed, post implementation, and are sustainable.   We work with our clients and stay with them every step of the way, to ensure they are comfortable with the management techniques and tools we are providing to them and can actually use them effectively in practice before we depart. We have learned that this approach and training go far in ensuring our engagements with our clients are successful. If you are ready to get started, then contact us today.
We are not here to waste your time, the purpose of our meeting is to determine if we are a fit for each other. In order to find that out, we would like to ask you a number of questions about your business and give you an understanding of the full scope of Cogent services.   It will be brief, as we imagine that you are very busy. As discussed in "Can you just talk to my CFO/Manager?", we ask that all equity partners be present so that we can ensure that we can develop strong relationships with all parties, and that we will be a solid match with all equity partners.   At the end of the meeting, we may decide that it's a great fit and agree to proceed with the next step. Whatever the outcome we promise to provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Contact Cogent Analytics today to plan an initial meeting.
Every company has different issue areas, so it is a bit difficult to answer that question. We isolate and evaluate profit-loss areas as well as productivity/efficiency areas and help you remedy them. Our approach combines proven industry experience with the most up-to-date development tools and business concepts. Our appreciation and knowledge of implementing effective business systems is evident in how we achieve optimum results for our clients. Contact us today to speak to an advisor about getting started with Cogent Analytics.
That depends on what your industry is. We are equipped to handle most industries, though we have worked more extensively with some.   Cogent specializes in "Core Verticals". Our Project Directors are recruited and extensively trained based on past experience and education. We have hundreds of years of cumulative experience representing businesses just like yours. Cogent Project Directors have a minimum of 15 years senior management experience and many have advanced degrees in accountancy, legal and business administration. During their tenure they are challenged by working for multiple clients in the same sector as well as clients who have similar problems across different industries every year. Would you like to speak with a consultant about getting started with Cogent Analytics?
We are a professional services firm; we specialize in business resources. Strategic Planning, Operational Efficiencies, Organizational challenges and Business Development. We strive to improve performance, analyze existing organizational problems and develop plans for improvement.   We identify high-value opportunities for our clients that address the most critical challenges that affect their business, assets, income and bottom-line.   Would you like to know more about our consulting process or would like to speak with one of our advisors, simply fill out our contact form.
Of course.   At Cogent Analytics, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and discretion. We strive to maintain ethical business practices at all times. The non-disclosure agreement is signed in advance. All proprietary information you share with us will remain confidential.   If you are ready to get started, fill out this form to contact our staff.  
Most of our clients are successful. For the most part, businesses engages our services not because they are "broken" ,but most often because forward thinking business owners prepare for future. It is important to troubleshoot while the business is still successful rather than waiting for an emergency to arise.   I'm sure you will agree that with growth comes new challenges. We may be able to help you with those challenges and help your company be more efficient and productive. If you think that you are too busy to work with a consultant, then you are at a critical point in your growth. Contact Cogent Analytics to ensure that your practices are as efficient as possible.

That might not be the case, our rate structure takes a multitude of factors into account and shifts based on clients needs and desired services. If you recognise that there are areas and issues that are negatively impacting your business, then now is the perfect time to build a relationship with a consultant.

If you are concerned about pricing, then a quick conversation with our staff will provide you with more information about rates. Contact us, so that we may have a conversation about your needs, desires and limitations.    
We often work with clients on planning an exit strategy. This strategy is meant to help you get the most out of the business you worked so hard to build and to protect your future and that of your family.   We offer objectivity. Cogent's business professionals bring objectivity to their work in order to improve the management process by increasing value. For example, if a business is considering organizational change, internal resistance is expected. As a third party objective firm we have no personal ties to the company, we then can offer an outside perspective and provide unbiased observations and recommendations to increase the value of your firm before you sell. Contact us today to add objective eyes to your exit strategy planning.
We completely understand, and we are not insulted.   Most business owners have spoken to consulting companies previously and, more often than not, the experience was less than desirable. Our company was founded with a strong desire to differentiate ourselves from those companies. We strive to work ethically with privately-held businesses and their owners. 80% of people in America are employed by small business owners and we want to help those businesses succeed and grow. Our passion and experience set us apart from our competition. Give us a call and see for yourself.
At Cogent we bring a fresh perspective. Companies experiencing difficult times need a fresh set of eyes. Companies experiencing rapid growth may not see the inefficiencies in their systems. Individuals inside of the company may be incapable, unwilling or afraid to provide the pragmatic advice that we offer.   Our services can provide keen observations and insights, provided by experienced accountants, managers and lawyers. Critics say that consultants are only selling "glorified common sense"; however, for employees who are bogged down with their daily routines, it's easy to lose a critical eye for analysis and improvement. Contact Cogent today to speak with an objective and pragmatic outside observer.
The best time to take a hard look at a business is when it is the busiest. The greatest challenge for small to mid-size business is the cyclical nature of business. Most operational losses occur when the owner and staff are most consumed with the day to day. That is when the most mistakes are made and money slips through the cracks.   Ask yourself :
  1. Is my company as efficient as it can be?
  2. Is my company as productive as it can be?
  3. What if something was to happen to me? Is there anyone here that can do what I do?
  4. Am I standing in my own way?
  5. Am I reaching the goals that I set for my company?
The bottom line is no one is too busy for anything. We all have 24 hours in a day and what we choose to spend time on is what we value. If you want something bad enough, you'll make time for it. Moreover, you should never consider yourself as being 'too busy' to improve your business. Contact one of our advisors for more information about growth management.
We work with a variety of industries and vertical markets: from job shops to machine shop, transportation, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, durable and non-durable, general contractors to all the sub trades, engineering firms and architectural firms to name a few.   If you would like to see some first hand accounts, please view the testimonials from previous and ongoing clients. We have provided all of them with the tools and resources that they need to get the job done in their industry. Contact us to see what resources we can provide you with.
While our focus as a company is medium to small tier businesses, we've consulted for businesses as large as $400MM and as small as $1M in size. The sectors we have experience consulting in include, Manufacturing, Construction (Architectural services, Landscaping, Home Building), Oil & Gas (Drilling, Pipe Lines), Dealerships, Medical (Veterinary Practices, Health Care Services), Contracting (Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing), Transportation (Trucking), Banking and Franchising.   Contact us today so that we can open a dialogue about how to improve your business.
We would be happy to send you appropriate information about our company the question is, "what specifically is your area of interest?"   We have a variety of brochures and marketing materials that we can send or email anyone, but that's only a small part of the equation. The best way we can help serve our clients and prospective clients is through an initial face-to-face meeting. This meeting is simply to open proper dialog in order to establish trust and determine what your true interest, needs and wants are.   Contact Cogent Analytics today to start that dialogue.
Providing direction to organizations is the main target of Cogent Analytics. This challenging responsibility, when done effectively, is a great source of fulfillment. Our clients don't hire us for trivial reasons; they hire us for something they can't fully manage. They need our skills to analyze valuable information, our expertise to help them decide and our objective opinion to push them to the top. Our recommendations will be part of their strategic planning, and you will certainly be proud of that.   Our desire is not to replace an effective team but rather to augment it with an objective perspective. As stated in " Can you help in closing or selling my business?"; if a business is considering organizational change, internal resistance is expected. As a third party objective firm we have no personal ties to the company, we then can offer an outside perspective and provide unbiased observations and recommendations to increase the value of your firm before you sell. We would love to open a dialogue with your team, contact us today to open that avenue of communication.
We work with the equity partners of the organization, as this is your company and we want to know more about your goals for the business.   We encourage you to invite your CFO/manager and other key individuals to participate in the conversation as they may provide valuable insight in discussions that relate to their responsibilities in the workplace. Contact us today so that we can open a dialogue about how to improve your business.
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