Discovery Process

Cogent Analytics has developed a tailored Business Discovery process designed to identify areas within the client’s business which are under performing. The key to maximizing profit and increasing value in the small to mid-market companies is problem identification first. We recognize that most business owners sense or have a “feeling” about what the challenges are in their business but on most occasions it’s an intangible. Worse yet they talk about the perceived problems yet never implement, hence living with the recurring issues month over month or year over year. At Cogent we designed the Discovery process to be a tangible deliverable which provides our clients the tools and insight necessary to effectuate change.

Below illustrates what is referred to as the “Pillars” of business. These pillars are comprised of Management, Operations, Internal Controls, and Business Development. These descriptors are a representation of the areas which are reviewed with every client and their business operations. Although the Discovery process is dynamic and is tailored for every business and client focus, these pillars are a foundation and are representative of key areas of business consulting.

In the life of every business there is ONE constant and that IS change. Cogent Analytics is the professional resource to small and mid-market companies for professional advisory services. The Discovery unto itself gives the owners the opportunity to take an unbiased look at their business without emotional attachment. Our objectivity is our greatest asset and thus our clients.


  • Short-Term Objectives
  • Long-Term Objectives
  • Company Initiatives
  • Profit Engineering
  • Capital Management
  • Succession
  • Exit Planning
  • Management Team
  • Structure
  • Communications
  • Inter-department
  • Information Systems
  • Performance Reporting
  • Costing Systems
  • Process Measurement


  • Facility Layout
  • Planning & Schedule
  • Inventory Management
  • Process Flow
  • QA & QC
  • Productivity
Human Resources
  • Accountability
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Discipline
  • Compliance
  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Procedures
  • Inventory Control
  • Centralization

Internal Controls

General Accounting
  • System Review
  • Procedural Analysis
  • Information Accuracy
  • Accounting Software
  • Profit Controls
  • Expense Controls
  • Credit & Collections
  • Financial Ratios
Cost Systems
  • Costing Methodology
  • Cost Controls & Tracking
  • Cost Analysis
  • Pricing Methodology
  • Bidding & Estimation
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Management Reporting
  • Budgeting & Variance
  • Cash Flow Management


  • Organization
  • Forecasting
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Accountability
  • Compensation
  • Market Analysis
  • Technology Integration
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Planning
  • Tactical Execution
  • Marketing Materials
  • Website & SEO Strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Measurement Structure
  • Market Penetration
  • Return on Investment

Business Consulting and Implementation Process

At Cogent we understand that business consulting can be a powerful investment and with the right partner, will generate true momentum within a business. The success of our clients comes from developing a “with” mentality with the clients we serve – we’re with you every step of the way helping to implement the plan we’ve agreed to, ensuring its success and delivery of the value creation and results we’d agreed to. Implementing processes or systems within a business may be technically correct but making sure they stick comes from direct participation with the business owner and their team. During the training and educational process we take our clients through the ownership of the fix and it ensures that processes and metrics are in place to ensure sustained success.

Our consultants are highly vetted and skilled at their trade resulting from many years spent solving highly complex and difficult challenges. Continual training ensures they are using the latest and most effective approaches in solving your business issues in a cost-effective and comprehensive way.

At Cogent, our number one goal is to increase profitability and cash flow by implementing the strategies necessary to address the issues identified and agreed upon during the Cogent Discovery process. We transform core processes and systems for greater flexibility, higher efficiency, increased performance and lower costs. Cogent is organized by vertical industry as well as service line and we know the particulars of your business. There’s a truism in our business that “consultants come and go; partners stay!” Talk to our clients and you will discover that they appreciate our passion for doing whatever is necessary to keep their businesses strong and agile.

Cogent has developed a “Life Cycle Management” process which encourages long term participation with our firm. We continuously review the results of your project post completion and look for deviations from intended results. Whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, we are team players, available on-demand, working transparently and communicating every step of the way to deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

Tax Analysis And Review Process

First, Cogent visits your business to conduct a study of your current situation and overall business strategy. It is a confidential one-on-one interview. We use state of the art Strategic Tax Planning Analysis to achieve your ultimate goal for Wealth Preservation.

Areas that we analyze will include:

  • Income tax planning (federal, state and international)
  • Business structure review and recommendations
  • Examine tax consequences of business decisions
  • Examine transfer pricing methodologies
  • Sales and use tax structuring and representation
  • Tax exposure assessments
  • Methods of maximizing shareholder value
  • Succession planning / Estate planning / Retirement planning
  • Tax deferral and avoidance planning
  • Employee retention, benefit evaluation and planning
  • Business purchase and sales tax minimization structuring
  • Insurance structure and sufficiency assessments

We gather all appropriate data and information necessary to ensure that we and our Associated Partner can formulate our findings and present them in a clear concise outline that a business owner can understand. Once agreements are in place on all relevant findings our partner will work directly with you and your organization to carry through the change initiatives. Their exceptional record of accomplishment in delivering a Return on Investment is due to making sure that they develop a comprehensive plan for you and your business. This plan will include all relevant compensation, benefit, retirement, succession, and estate planning strategies to enhance the building of your wealth. Cogent along with our partners will track and monitor performance after the recommendations have been implemented.

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